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Bohemian Beach Bash

July 7, 2017


Thank you to everyone that came out to enjoy the beach… bohemian style!  It was a great night as we celebrated Pink Bandana’s 10 years of giving.  Special thanks to Judd Hoos for an amazing performance as well as our generous sponsors; American Fence Co. and Froggy98.  It couldn’t have been done without all of you!!  Proceeds from the event were put towards the Jacob Smaus SuperHero Scholarship Fund.


"Street Dance with Attitude"

For those new to the Bohemian Beach Bash, the event can be vaguely described as a themed street dance.  Although we try to provide attendees with a different feel than typical street dances, it does carry many of the same features, plus more!  Just a couple of these include side games as well as a wider selection of beverages to help the night be that much more enjoyable. Recent year’s have seen an additional opening act as well as upgraded amenities.  Come and see for yourself what memories you will make at the Bohemian Beach Bash!

The Bohemian Beach Bash is also the same weekend as the annual Beat Breast Cancer Mud Volleyball Tournament held by Pink Bandana.  As we are two separate organizations with similar end goals, we continue to work together to make the entire weekend one that attendees are sure to enjoy, all the while supporting a number of great causes.

Why Bohemian?

The term “Bohemian” originates from a group of Czech dialects used in Bohemia or modern day Czech Republic.  One definition of the slang term is “a person who has informal and unconventional social habits.”  As the event is held in the heart of the Bohemian Alps, it only seems fitting to bring together the two things ‘Bohemians’ enjoy the most…ice cold beverages and social gatherings!  However, one more thing was missing to make the ultimate summer gathering…the beach!  As we know, the only way to combine all three in a beach-less community was to do it the Bohemian way!  Thus; by bringing the beach to us, the Bohemian Beach Bash was born.

Event Proceeds

Proceeds from the annual Bohemian Beach Bash go directly towards the Jacob Smaus SuperHero Scholarship Fund, event infrastructure, and our latest community initiative.  Previous event funds have helped support two local residents with medical expenses due to cancer treatments as well as our latest donation to help rebuild the Prague Village Park.  For the upcoming 2017 event, Seven Mile Ridez will match any donations made to Pink Bandana that night in celebration of the organization’s 10 year milestone in working towards beating breast cancer.

All members of Seven Mile Ridez, Inc, are volunteers and do not accept compensation for our efforts to make every event unique and successful.  We take pride in giving back, which is why we greatly appreciate those who support and attend our events so we can continue to do so!

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